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Chow on KRON 4 Dine and Dish

The Bay Area's Visionary Chefs

"To many people, Chow might seem like a modest chain of neighborhood restaurants, but it's where Tony Gulisano has merged his fine-dining training with concern for the environment." (Read More)



The 30 most important Bay Area restaurants of the last 30 years

"Tony Gulisano had cooked at high-end restaurants, but he opened his first neighborhood place, near the Castro, with the idea that organic and sustainable dishes don't have to carry a high price tag." (Read More)



With a high-end restaurant pedigree, Gulisano was celebrated for incorporating organic ingredients into his cooking well before the sustainable-food movements took hold on a mainstream level. Moreover, Gulisano’s cooking was relatable and affordable. It made enough of an impact that it was named one of The Chronicle’s 30 most influential restaurants of the previous 30 years.

San Francisco Chronicle - Sarah Fritsche, January 2019

Chow is the realization of a dream by Tony Gulisano, who opened the original Chow near the Castro in San Francisco 21 years ago. Back in 1997, organic and sustainable products were mostly relegated to high-end restaurants. His battle cry was “Feed the People,” and he offered global comfort food — tacos, Asian noodles, spaghetti and meatballs, and Thai salads at reasonable prices.

San Francisco Chronicle - Michael Bauer - April 2018

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